Pet Groomer Recommendation in Alto Boquete

A month ago we took Dexter to be groomed for the first time since arriving in Panama. He loves being shaved, though it turns him an entirely different color. His undercoat is cream while his top coat is black. We worried the very first time that he might be one of those dogs who gets embarrassed, but to our relief, he loves it! It keeps him cooler and abates whatever skin issues he has. To our benefit, there’s no shedding for at least two months, usually three, after he gets shaved. The lack of time and energy spent combating dog hair is reason enough to do it.

Since the temperature in Panama is ideal for a shaved dog, and tumbleweeds of Dexter hair were beginning to accumulate under furniture, we decided to seek out a groomer.

Groomed Beagle
Dexter, the happiest dog who ever lived, on his way to Puerto Armuelles

The Dog Spot CardA quick online search yielded what we believe to be the only non-vet, non-pet store pet grooming service in Boquete, The Dog Spot, located in Alto Boquete, just past San Francisco Plaza on the left-hand side coming from Bajo Boquete.

The driveway is ferocious, but Roberto, the owner, is terrific. He’s not chatty, at least not with us, his new customers, but he clearly appreciated Dexter for the happy, nimble fourteen year old guy he is, and that’s what matters. Roberto remarked that Dex looked great for his age and was exceptionally well-behaved during his grooming. (Little does Roberto know that, at his ripe old age, Dex no longer feels obligated to follow any rules.)

It is obvious that Roberto truly enjoys the creatures for which he cares. After two trips to his shop, he appears to have a devoted clientele – both human and furry. He is a professional dog handler with 15 years of experience, participating in shows throughout Central America. He speaks English and Spanish.

Roberto’s shop is small, but functional. He operates a boutique business comprised of grooming and some retail items, with a little doggy day care action, though space is limited. His place is very clean and inviting, with comfortable sitting space indoor and out for pet parents who prefer to wait for their babies.

Dex, just after his visit to The Dog Spot
Dex, just after his visit to The Dog Spot

The best part: The shampoo, condition, massage, nail trim, and butt squeeze was only $16. The shave another $4.

For $20 Dexter got a full morning of pampering. He gets to stay cool on hot days.

For $20, we got up to 90 days free of shedding, and one clean, fat happy dog!

And, Roberto did a cleaner job of shaving Dexter than any other groomer we’ve tried in the States. And we’ve tried several groomers in several states.

Dex looks like a million bucks!

The Dog Spot is for Cats Too!

Malo Gato
Malo Gato, Sullivan O’Grady

We also have a super fluffy buff-colored cat named Sullivan who seems to have the fastest growing nails of any feline in human history.

And, while he is excellent about using his scratching posts, his rambunctious jaunts around the house – punctuated by dramatic leaps and rolls over the furniture, ending with a sneak attack on arms of various couches and chairs – was leaving its mark.

Normally, we would use our handy nail trimmers every couple of weeks, snipping our guy’s nails into submission. But for some reason, Sully has decided that trimming his  nails equates to yanking them out. Hisses, snarls, full claw swipes are the least of it. Finally, I gave up and emailed Roberto, inquiring desperately whether he also serviced unruly gatos.

He had us in a day later and cooed Sully into submission. The cat’s nails were trimmed in less than two minutes, and he received a much-needed ear-cleaning. All for $5.

Roberto is our new go to pet groomer in Boquete. You can’t beat the Roberto’s amazing service, nor the prices. It’s worth the wee trip outside of Bajo Boquete to take your animals of all shapes and sizes to The Dog Spot. Be sure to check out his brochure below. Just click on the pictures to enlarge them for easier reading.

Contact The Dog Spot

Quick Tip: Roberto prefers an email or call rather than just stopping by, and will sometimes keep an animal if a customer is on the way to David and back. But his space is limited, that’s why calling ahead is best. His cell phone number is (507) 6603-5347.

The Dog Spot Website | | The Dog Spot on Boquete.ning | The Dog Spot on Facebook

The Dog Spot Brochure 1
The Dog Spot Brochure, Side 1
The Dog Spot Brochure 2
The Dog Spot Brochure, Side 2





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