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Creative Feature and Resource Writing About Life, Relocation & Business in Boquete, Panamá

The purpose of this blog is to provide an online resource for topics “About Boquete” relevant to the casual tourist and potential expat.

When conducting my own research, both as a visitor and during the relocation process, I found little information about what life is really like inside the town of Boquete.

My goal is to provide content concentrated on the people (Boqueteño and immigrants) and places (business and geographic) that make this rural mountain town a unique international destination.

This blog features regular posts about Boquete specifically and Panama generally, on topics including:

  • relocation to and travel within Panama
  • culture, geography and history
  • education and family
  • politics and infrastructure
  • travel writing and business reviews
  • photography and photo essays by location

Please feel comfortable to engage! Questions, topic suggestions, comments and article/post submissions are always welcome.

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