Photo Essay: Caldera

There are other options to living in the Chiriquí Province besides Boquete proper, such as one of its subdistricts. One of these is Caldera, a tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss it village at the end of a long road. This area reminds me of a not-quite-desert Southwestern landscape perfectly designed for those who prefer flatland to mountains. It features breathtaking views of the the distant mountain range, tall grasses and wide, expansive skies.

About a third of the way down this road you’ll find Boquete Canyons, a gated community dotted with large houses on wide plots. The gate is manned by a guard who will record your passport number, give you a laminated sign for your windshield declaring you a visitor, then open the gate manually to let you pass.

The other day we visited friends in Boquete Canyons. These are the pictures of the first third of the road to Caldera and the scene inside the gated community.


Photo Essay: 1960’s Land Rover

In search of a restoration project he can sell for profit, Michael found this 1960’s 88 Special Land Rover. These are the photographs before any work. I will be posting photo essays of the progress with short blurbs for any car enthusiasts reading the blog. Feel free to ask questions or for additional details in the comments below. I’ll wrangled Michael for answers as needed.

Right now I can tell you this truck was the family vehicle for a local half-French Panamanian family. It passed in the estate from father to daughter and has sat partially covered in her yard for at least a decade since her father died. Sacks of coffee beans were still in the back, but I couldn’t get the camera before Mike started cleaning it out.

It is difficult to discern the year of this Land Rover because the company did not issue sequential serial numbers during these years. Mike is working on cracking the code. I will provide an update when we have more information. The seller thinks it is a mid-sixties model so for now, that’s what we are going with.

Photo Essay: Shots While Off-Roading





jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-38 jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-37 jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-36 aramillo-abajo-trip-2-35

aramillo-abajo-trip-2-25 aramillo-abajo-trip-2-26jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-15 jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-14 jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-13 jaramillo-abajo-trip-2-12

Electricity and everything!


Photo Essay: Jaramillo Abajo

In lieu of a post on Jaramillo Abajo, which is coming soon, here is a photo essay… Along with more photos of Jaramillo Abajo.











Photo Essay: Panamanian Dance Class

FullSizeRender 61

Photo Essay: Structures around Volcancito

Photo: Today’s Rainbow

Rainbow in Boquete Rainbow in Town Full Rainbow

Photo Essay: Shots Around the Casa

Lunch at Antojitos Mexicanos

Antojitos Mexicanos serves authentic Mexican food. The owner is from Mexico and can frequently be found waiting tables herself. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. The food is good, but watch out for tourist prices: Three tacos are $7.50. Worth a trip!